Happy New Year!!!

Happy motherfucking New Year everybody!! It’s 2k motherfuckin 14!! Turn up, turn up, turn thaaaa fuuuuuuck uuuupppp!!

That is all.

Bye Bye, POF!

I deleted my Plenty of Fish profile last night.

I feel like I found everything I was looking for and so much more. I no longer felt the need to keep it.

I made 2 best friends from the site. I met alot of different guys. I went on a few dates. One was GREAT! The others, not so much. The profile has completely and fully served its purpose. I wanted to see what else is out there, apart from my small little world. And I did. I met alot of interesting people, some creepy ones, and some that just downright disgusted me.

I even met a guy. A guy that will hopefully soon be my boyfriend…but I don’t want to jinx it. So you shall hear more about him within the next month or so. He is one of the main reasons why I deleted my profile.

I kept on getting at least 10 messages from guys every day, and I never replied to them anymore. I didn’t see the point. I found a guy that I want to be with. I made 2 best friends. What’s the point of going on more dates or meeting more people? I already have everything I want and more.

So goodbye POF. I won’t be needing you anymore. It was fun while it lasted. Thank you for all the experiences, entertaining conversations, and interesting people I’ve met. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone. Try it out. And my best piece of advice would be:

Give the guys a chance!

I would’ve never found my two best friends if I hadn’t replied to their messages, despite the fact that I wasn’t attracted to them. I know that online dating is a lot of window shopping, but try not to be so shallow. That guy that made you laugh or intrigued you with his profile, but wasn’t the best looking guy in the world. Give him a chance. What’s the worst that can happen?

Sex Story: Bedroom Boom

You get home from work, hang your jacket on the coat hanger, take off your shoes, and head towards the bedroom. You see me laying on the bed, underneath the sheets. You greet me and head towards the closet to change.

I get out of bed and slowly walk over to you. I whisper seductively “Hey, baby…come and get it.”

You turn around and the shocked look on your face says it all. I am wearing a see-through red robe with Naughty written on the back with a black, lace thong and a black push-up bra underneath. You examine my whole body, looking me up and down, while you try to find the right words to say. You lust over my curves, starting from my big, plump breasts and going lower to my small waist…my tight, firm abs and my curvy thighs. You open your mouth to say something, but I put my finger over your lips before you utter a word, “Shhh…don’t say a word. Just follow me.”

I grab your hand and you follow me back to the bedroom. I guide you in front of a chair and push you down, making you collapse in it. I walk over to my iPod and put on Dance for You by Beyonce. Then I slowly walk back to you and start winding my body left and right to the rhythm of the music…slowly touching and rubbing all over my body…giving you a seductive smile while I dance for you. I slowly undo my robe and let it fall to the floor. I run my fingers through my hair…rub over my breasts and down over my tight stomach. I pull my thong down slowly, and then let it go as it flings back up. I tease you slowly and seductively with every part of my body, making you beg for more. I put open your legs and start dancing in your lap, grinding on your dick as you get harder and harder. I press my round, thick ass against your dick and move it in circles to the beat of the song. You put your hands on my waist and guide me as I grind on you. I let you feel every curve on my body, and as the song comes to an end, you start kissing me hard and passionate. I can feel how much you want me.

You pick me up and throw me down on the bed. You take off your shirt and your pants and climb on top of me. We start making out again, and you start rubbing your dick against my pussy as we’re kissing. I can feel it throbbing through your boxers. I dig my fingers into your naked back as you start grinding on me harder.

I whisper in your ear, “I want you, daddy.”

You get up and take your pants off as I lay there, admiring your manly, muscular body. With nothing but your boxers on, you climb back on top of me and start kissing me again. You move lower to my neck…my collarbone…my titties…my stomach. You bite the thong and slowly start pulling it down with your teeth, using your hands to help you slide it off. You throw the thong on the floor and start kissing my thighs…you kiss closer and closer to my pussy, and I curve my back with anticipation. You kiss my clitoris and then softly suck on it, and I let out a moan. You start moving your tongue up and down my pussy, and sucking on it harder and harder. I moan every time you suck harder, and my moans make you suck even harder and faster than before. I put my hand on your head and start rubbing it as you please me. My breathing gets faster and faster, and I start moaning louder and louder. You lick my pussy one last time and come up for air. You lay down beside me and I roll over and climb on top of you.

“My turn ;)”

I start kissing your chest and moving lower and lower to your abs…your hips…kissing every part of the V that leads to your dick. I start stroking your dick with my hand, going up and down, making it rock hard. I wrap my lips around the tip and softly suck on it. You let out a soft moan, and I lick your hard dick from the base all the way up to the tip. I take most of your dick in my mouth and I start sucking on it, going up and down…up and down…up and down. I roll my tongue around the tip every time I go up. I pause at your tip and I wrap my lips around it as I flick my tongue back and forth over the hole. You moan and your breathing speeds up. I start sucking on your dick again, faster and faster, stroking it with my hand as I go up and down. I slow down and wipe my mouth, pausing to get a breath of air, but before I know it, you roll me over and get on top of me.

You take off your boxers as I undo my bra, and then you come down and start kissing me again. I can feel the desire and the passion in your kisses. You stop and I whisper, “I want you inside me.”

I grab your dick and I start rubbing it on my pussy, letting you feel how soaking wet you’ve made me. I rub it up and down my pussy a couple more times, and I can see that you can’t take it anymore. You grab your dick and slowly start going inside me, letting me feel every inch of your dick as my tight, wet pussy wraps around it. “Ohhhhh baby!” I scream when you thrust your dick all the way inside me. You pause for a second as you feel my pussy tightening and releasing around your dick. “Mmmmm that pussy feels so tight and wet baby.” You slowly slide out and then you start going back and forth….in and out my pussy…making me moan with every stroke. Our naked bodies pressed against each other as we rock back and forth in perfect harmony. You make me want more and more with every stroke. You pull out and I climb on top of you.

I grab your dick and then I slide down on your dick, hard and fast. You let out a loud moan. “Ahhhhh!” I start riding your dick, going up and down, stroking it with my tight pussy. You start feeling on my titties and squeezing them as I bounce up and down on your dick. I’m getting wetter and wetter. You pick me up off of you and get up. You grab my legs and pull me to the edge of the bed as you’re standing up.

You thrust your big, hard dick inside me. “Ahhhhhh!!” This time you give me no mercy. You pound my pussy fast and hard. You hold me by my waist so you can go deeper and harder. I scream and moan with every thrust. I feel an orgasm building up inside me. The faster you go, the more I feel like I can’t take it. “Yeah, you like that baby? Take that dick.” “Ohhh yeah, pound that pussy daddy! That pussy is all yours baby!” “Mmmmm yeah, that’s my pussy baby.” You keep thrusting in and out of my pussy, fast and hard. I arch my back and curl my toes. I feel the orgasm coming. My body trembles around you from orgasmic pleasure. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” You feel my pussy juices all over your dick. Seconds later, you pull out and you cum all over my thighs. “Ughhhhh!! Fuck!!…..Damn baby.” My legs are still shaking from my orgasm.

You go over to the closet and get a towel. You wet the towel with warm water and wipe yourself off, and then you come over and wipe your cum off my thighs. We look at each other and smile, not saying a word. Our smiles said it all.

You leave the towel in the bathroom and climb in bed with me. “I love you, baby.” “I love you, too.” You wrap your arms around me and hold me close. My body is weak, and I fit perfectly in your strong, protective arms. “Good night baby. Promise you’ll keep me safe?” “I promise.” And we both drift peacefully into sleep.

POF Friends

I’ve met a lot of guys since I made my profile on POF. Some were great, some not so much, but I am so happy to say that I have made 2 amazing friends from it! They have been there for me through so much already. I never thought that I would make such great friends from a dating site, but I’m so glad that I did. And before you say it, they don’t bitch about being in the “Friend Zone.” They know that a friend is more dear to me than any boyfriend could ever be. My friends are my life, and they will always come before the guy I’m dating simply because they were there before him, and they’ll be there after him too. Unless a guy is trying to put a ring on it, my friends will always be more important to me.

So without any further a due, please meet my 2 best guy friends:

(Yes, I know that was corny. Don’t judge me. I’m excited, damn it.)


I met Spencer within the first week of making my profile. Spencer is actually his last name, but he introduced himself to me as Spencer, so I’ve called him that ever since. I knew he was different from the first 5 minutes of talking to him because he said:

“You’re not gonna stop talking to me, are you?”

He called me out on something I have done to one too many guys. I talk to them, and then I “disappear” for one reason or another. He made me promise that if I planned on stopping to talk to him, that I would tell him. I have talked to him every day ever since, and I don’t plan on stopping. He has been there for me every time I’ve needed someone to talk to, someone to listen, and someone to care. We can talk on the phone for HOURS, and he makes me laugh my ass off the entire time. We make fun of each other, we act retarded, and it’s simply amazing. Things that normally bother me, like when people listen to music,watch TV, or play video games while on the phone with me, don’t bother me with him. I’m peaceful when I talk to him. He never wanted sex from me. He was just there. It’s incredibly hard for me to trust people, but he gained my trust. I trust him. I have opened up to him and told him things that I’ve only shared with people I can count on one hand. I am comfortable with him, and I can be completely myself around him. He is the kind of friend I’ve always wanted. The kind that will call me out on my bullshit when I’m wrong, and be completely honest and open with me about his thoughts and feelings. No sugar coating. No beating around the bush. Just the plain, honest truth. I believe that everyone needs somebody that will stand up and tell them when they’re wrong, call them out on their bullshit, and give them their honest thoughts and opinions on even the most delicate of subjects. He’s that guy for me, and I hope he sticks around. 


I met Tron on December the 14th, and his first message to me was:

“Haha, “burst out laughing about something that happened forever ago.” That made me laugh lol because I’ve done that before too ha anyways just thought I’d tell you that”.

He was referring to my About Me section because I said that “I burst out laughing over something that happened forever ago more often than I probably should lol.” I was happy that I made somebody laugh, so I messaged him back. From there, we started having a great conversation, and I quickly realized that he is the sweetest guy I have ever met!! Seriously guys….he is SO sweet. I honestly don’t even know how he’s still single. He makes me so happy, and he really makes my day every time I talk to him. No matter how I’m feeling at the moment or the type of day I’ve had, he always finds a way to make me smile. Everything he says comes from his heart, and that kind of pure emotion is hard to find. I also think he might possibly be falling in love with me…but shhhhh! 😉 I honestly hope that we remain best friends forever, because he really is the sweetest and nicest guy I have ever met. He listens to me, he gives me advice, he makes me laugh, and I can’t help but smile every time I get a new message from him. I feel like I can tell him anything, and I trust him as well. I can even talk to him about other guys, which isn’t something most guys are willing to listen to. He deserves the most amazing girl in the world. He deserves to be happy, and I’m sure that his Mrs. Right is out there somewhere just waiting for him to come and sweep her off her feet! To truly show you just how sweet and amazing he really is, I will post below some of the messages I’ve gotten from him over the past two weeks:

“I am here for you Sunny. So long as you want me as your friend and need me around I’ll be here. Morning, day, night. If I’m sleeping, tired, happy, sad, no matter what I’ll be here and please don’t be afraid to talk to me about whatever. I may doubt myself when it comes to finding love, but everything I’ve been through, all my struggles have made me a fairly strong person. I can be your helping hand should you ever need me, even though I know you like to do it yourself….even so, I’ll be waiting for that one day you may need me….even if that day never comes.”

(FYI his nickname for me is Sunny because my username has “sunshine” in it on POF and he has been calling me Sunny ever since we met because I’m always laughing and smiling about something)

“Our friendship must be worth alot…I know it’s priceless to me.”

I asked him if me talking about other guys bothers him, and this was his response:

“How can it bother me? You’ve said you want me as your best friend, and if that’s what you want then that’s what I’m planning to be. I promise you, on my life, I only want what’s best for you Sunny.”

“I don’t wanna see anything bad happen to you Sunny, not ever. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I love talking to you, too sunshine. You always make me smile. You lift my spirit in ways really no one has ever done before. You really mean sooo much to me. I just try my best not to show it.”

“Can I build a home in your heart? Kinda like a safehouse?”

“You are the nicest person I’ve ever met…truly.”

The list goes on and on guys. He really is the biggest sweetheart I’ve ever met!! I’d have to stay up all night just to type out all of the sweet things, great advice, and encouraging words he has given me since we’ve met. And Tron, if you’re reading this right now, SMILE. Because you’re so incredibly special to me, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I truly value our friendship and I hope that it never ends.

So this proves that you really can meet great guys from dating websites and that not all of them are assholes. There are good ones out there, you just have to give them a chance. You may not end up dating them, but they can become lifelong friends that are more valuable than any date you could ever go on.

I’m a Screamer.

This post was inspired by this post that I read last night from Noyoupay’s blog.

Sex is the one time where people should be able to freely let go and express themselves. It’s the only time that you can scream at the top of your lungs from sweet, orgasmic pleasure and have a man completely turned on by it.

I used to try to hold it back and be quiet, especially in my teen years when we’d have to sneak around and be quite so nobody could hear us. But now, I say fuck that! If you’re hitting it in all the right places and I’m enjoying it, you’ll know about it! There haven’t been too many guys that have been able to get me to fully orgasm and scream, but the ones that have were pure sexual bliss! If I’ve learned anything from my FWB encounter, it’s that sex can be completely and utterly fulfilling and I don’t have to hold back. If I’m enjoying myself, I’ll moan, talk dirty to you, and scream at the top of my lungs when you get me to climax. I’ve never had a guy complain about any of those things. Most actually get more turned on by it.

Guys also shouldn’t hold back their orgasm or climax. I’d rather have a guy who moans or grunts or….SOMETHING rather than a guy who is completely quite and calm during his climax. Some guys make a whole event of their climax, grunting and coughing and cussing. That makes me think “Damn, he definitely enjoyed that!” Just like us screaming turns you on, you making some kind of noise insinuating that you’re enjoying it turn us on too. And the weak collapse at the end is priceless. Nothing like being completely drained of energy after a couple of hours of going at it.

Sex is like no other feeling in the world. It’s a high and a sensation that you can’t compare to anything else. And if you can’t fully let go and enjoy yourself, then what’s the point? It will never be completely fulfilling until you can learn what makes your body tremble and yearn for more, and until you can let go of all the thoughts and doubts in your mind and just fuck and enjoy it. As adults, we don’t have alot of time where we’re not thinking or stressing about one thing or another. Sex is one of the few experiences where we should be able to relax and let our body take over instead of our mind. So next time you’re getting your freak on, moan, scream, whisper dirty things in your partner’s ear and I promise you it’ll be the best sex you’ve ever had.

Offer to be in the Adult Entertainment Industry

I’ve had my fair share of surprising messages from POF in the past couple of months that I’ve been on there, but this one has definitely got to be in my top ten. Who knew there were recruiters for the adult entertainment industry a.k.a. Porn? How exactly does one go about “recruiting” people to become porn stars? Like hey….you’re pretty hot…wanna be in Backdoor Babes Edition IV? And it surely didn’t help that the “recruiter” looked like a total creep! And his profile said he’s 20….yeah more like 2×20.


20 years old my ass!

Here’s our creepy conversation on POF:

Wow you really are an incredibly gorgeous lady with an amazing hot look! I have a wonderful opportunity for a lady with the looks and body like you have, making good money in the adult entertainment industry. My name is Eric Johnson. I am a recruiter in the business and would love a chance to talk to you about signing up. You are smokin hot!

Ha no thanks.

Ok no problem babydoll. (Ewwwwww DON’T call me babydoll, creep!) I know this isn’t for everyone. Gotta say again though, you sure have a smokin hot sexy body!

(Btw, I only have ONE pic on POF of my whole body, in which I’m wearing a skirt and a tank top….he made it seem like I was half naked!)


Ever thought about becoming a model?

Not really. I don’t think I’m skinny enough or “perfect” enough to be a model.

Omg why would you say that?? You could be a super hot bikini model or lingerie model.

Ehh idk. I just don’t think I look good enough to model. And it’s expensive to get into it too, esp when there are millions of hotter girls out there.

Well I think you look amazing, gorgeous, and super hot. Would love to see you in a tiny lil bikini….would you ever consider “exotic” photography?

No not really.

Ah bummer, I would love to see you wearing nothing but a gstring. (CREEPY AS FUCK!!!!)

Wow….that’s kinda creepy.

Why’s that babe? I think you’re incredibly sexy

Thanks. But a random guy wanting to see me basically naked is just creepy. That’s one of the many reasons why I wouldn’t want to be in the adult ent industry or be an “exotic” model.

Ok sorry babe, just love the way you look.


He didn’t say anything after that. Thank God! That was one of the creepiest conversations I’ve ever had. And the fact that he looks like a total creep didn’t help either. I kept replying just to see what he would say, and him calling me babe just creeped me out even more. I wonder if women actually ever agree to join the adult ent industry from these so called “recruiters.” Needless to say, POF has definitely raised the bar for all the creeps out there. You’ll have to get more creative if you want to really creep me out now, because almost nothing surprises me anymore.

Friends with Benefits

Over the past 5 months, I’ve had a fwb (friend with benefits) that felt more like a relationship than anything else. I met him in class at my university, and we started texting all day and night for about a week. Then, somewhere along the lines of texting and talking all the time, we started talking about how much we liked each other and how we both didn’t want a relationship, so we decided to be fwb. I went on vacation for 10 days, and when I got back, we hooked up. It was the best sex of my life! He was everything I’ve ever wanted in man. He was independent, had his own place, his own car, ex-military, and he was in college. Muscular, sexy as fuck, total sweetheart. What more could I ask for?

Over the course of those 5 months, we spent alot of time together. We ate lunch together almost every day. We texted constantly, sometimes even Skyped at night before bed. We called each other baby and sweetie and all the other cute relationship shit. It began to feel like we were in a relationship. Sure, we both agreed that we didn’t want one, but feelings change. Except my feelings changed, and his didn’t. I ended up falling in love with him, and wanting to be with him, and he still didn’t want a relationship. It bothered me, but the sex was amazing and I enjoyed his company, so I kept talking to him and seeing him.

Then, within the past couple of weeks,he began to be really distant from me. We rarely talked, he wouldn’t come to class sometimes, and he always made up excuses as to why he coudn’t hang out. I knew that things were changing between us and that this fwb relationship wouldn’t last much longer, but I didn’t know why. I had been talking to other guys and dating for a few months now, basically after I realized that him and I weren’t going anywhere, but that never really seemed to bother him. I figured if I found somebody that I liked and that I wanted to be with, I would just end things with him and start a relationship with the new guy.

Well, about a week ago, I finally found out why he has been so distant lately. Why we’ve been drifting apart. Why he never wanted to hang out anymore. Why he didn’t want to have sex on his birthday.

“Fwb has changed his status to in a relationship”

This is what popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook when I woke up one morning. I was confused, hurt, and angry. How could he possibly be in a relationship when he has been telling me that he doesn’t want one all along?! I decided the mature thing to do was to confront him via texting instead of calling him out on his bullshit on Facebook for the world to see. Sure, he was an asshole, but I didn’t want to be a bitch.

This is how our texting conversation went:

So you’re in a relationship now?

Yeah I’m sorry

That’s fucked up. You should’ve told me that you didn’t want a relationship with ME instead of saying you don’t want a relationship. I feel like you’ve been using me all along.

Using you for what? You didn’t give me anything. I’m sorry but I was totally honest with you from the beginning about how I felt. I know it may seem messed up to you, but it’s the truth and now you know.

Using me for sex. If you never wanted to be with me, you should’ve said so. I always thought that you just didn’t want a relationship with ANYBODY, not just me. And I feel like it’s messed up because you know that I’ve wanted to be with you for a while now, and now you’re in a relationship with somebody else. Like….what? That’s fucked up.

I wasn’t using you for sex. I never asked for it, you always wanted me to do it (Total bullshit. He asked for it and initiated it almost every time). I’m sorry you feel that way, I tried to be a better person to you than that.

I just feel hurt because I had no idea that you’ve even been talking to somebody else this whole time. I just didn’t see this coming. I know we’ve been drifting apart lately, but I didn’t know why. So I guess this is why you haven’t been wanting to see me or talk to me lately. You should’ve just been honest with me and told me you were seeing somebody else.

Well you saw people too. You went on dates and you didn’t tell me. It’s not like I wanted to know, but you can’t be mad at me for something that you were doing also. I’m just sayin…

I did that because I was trying to move on from you. Because you didn’t want to be with me, and I knew that this wouldn’t last forever, so that’s why I was doing it. You still knew about it though. If you wanted to be with me, I would’ve never even talked to any other guys. So what was it about me that made you not want to be with me?

I didn’t know about it. You were trying so hard to make me jealous, putting it in my face….you’re just not right for me. It has nothing to do with you. You’re a great person and you have guys that want to be with you. You’re going to be okay.

Sure okay. Well, I hope this new chick makes you happy and that she’s everything you’ve ever wanted…and everything I couldn’t be.

And that was the last time I talked to him. I realize now after reading it that I was really emotional and I probably could’ve handled the situation better, but I was angry and I was hurt and it took every ounce of my being not to cuss him out. It’s been almost 2 weeks since this conversation, and I still can’t bring myself to delete him from Facebook or unfollow him on Instagram. It still hurts like hell knowing that the guy I fell for is with another girl now. He’s fucking another girl. God that thought is heart wrenching all on it’s own.

I don’t think about him as much as I used to, and I’m getting over this whole fucked up situation and moving on, but every night, or every time I see a status update or a picture he posted, it hurts. I wish that he would’ve just told me that he didn’t want to be with ME from the beginning. Not wanting a relationship is one thing. Not wanting a relationship with a particular person is different, and I feel that he should’ve been more straight up with me about that and told me. I don’t know if all fwb relationships eventually end this way. I guess it depends on the situation and the circumstances. But from this experience, I learned that if a guy says he doesn’t want a relationship, then he’s either not interested or just wants to hook up and it’s not going to lead to anything more than fwb. I wouldn’t mind having another fwb if there is a potential that it could lead to something more than that, but I think that I shouldn’t have sex with the guy until I’m clear on exactly what it is that he wants from me. If it’s just sex, fine. Just say so. If it could potentially be more than that, great. Say so. Just be straight up with me about exactly what it is that you want.

Sorry about this long, depressing post. I just needed to vent. I promise my next post will be back to crackin’ you guys up in no time.

Do you think he was wrong for not telling me he didn’t want to be with ME? Do you think I overreacted or that I could’ve handled this situation better? Have you ever had a fwb?