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Offer to be in the Adult Entertainment Industry

I’ve had my fair share of surprising messages from POF in the past couple of months that I’ve been on there, but this one has definitely got to be in my top ten. Who knew there were recruiters for the adult entertainment industry a.k.a. Porn? How exactly does one go about “recruiting” people to become porn stars? Like hey….you’re pretty hot…wanna be in Backdoor Babes Edition IV? And it surely didn’t help that the “recruiter” looked like a total creep! And his profile said he’s 20….yeah more like 2×20.


20 years old my ass!

Here’s our creepy conversation on POF:

Wow you really are an incredibly gorgeous lady with an amazing hot look! I have a wonderful opportunity for a lady with the looks and body like you have, making good money in the adult entertainment industry. My name is Eric Johnson. I am a recruiter in the business and would love a chance to talk to you about signing up. You are smokin hot!

Ha no thanks.

Ok no problem babydoll. (Ewwwwww DON’T call me babydoll, creep!) I know this isn’t for everyone. Gotta say again though, you sure have a smokin hot sexy body!

(Btw, I only have ONE pic on POF of my whole body, in which I’m wearing a skirt and a tank top….he made it seem like I was half naked!)


Ever thought about becoming a model?

Not really. I don’t think I’m skinny enough or “perfect” enough to be a model.

Omg why would you say that?? You could be a super hot bikini model or lingerie model.

Ehh idk. I just don’t think I look good enough to model. And it’s expensive to get into it too, esp when there are millions of hotter girls out there.

Well I think you look amazing, gorgeous, and super hot. Would love to see you in a tiny lil bikini….would you ever consider “exotic” photography?

No not really.

Ah bummer, I would love to see you wearing nothing but a gstring. (CREEPY AS FUCK!!!!)

Wow….that’s kinda creepy.

Why’s that babe? I think you’re incredibly sexy

Thanks. But a random guy wanting to see me basically naked is just creepy. That’s one of the many reasons why I wouldn’t want to be in the adult ent industry or be an “exotic” model.

Ok sorry babe, just love the way you look.


He didn’t say anything after that. Thank God! That was one of the creepiest conversations I’ve ever had. And the fact that he looks like a total creep didn’t help either. I kept replying just to see what he would say, and him calling me babe just creeped me out even more. I wonder if women actually ever agree to join the adult ent industry from these so called “recruiters.” Needless to say, POF has definitely raised the bar for all the creeps out there. You’ll have to get more creative if you want to really creep me out now, because almost nothing surprises me anymore.