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I’m a Screamer.

This post was inspired by this post that I read last night from Noyoupay’s blog.

Sex is the one time where people should be able to freely let go and express themselves. It’s the only time that you can scream at the top of your lungs from sweet, orgasmic pleasure and have a man completely turned on by it.

I used to try to hold it back and be quiet, especially in my teen years when we’d have to sneak around and be quite so nobody could hear us. But now, I say fuck that! If you’re hitting it in all the right places and I’m enjoying it, you’ll know about it! There haven’t been too many guys that have been able to get me to fully orgasm and scream, but the ones that have were pure sexual bliss! If I’ve learned anything from my FWB encounter, it’s that sex can be completely and utterly fulfilling and I don’t have to hold back. If I’m enjoying myself, I’ll moan, talk dirty to you, and scream at the top of my lungs when you get me to climax. I’ve never had a guy complain about any of those things. Most actually get more turned on by it.

Guys also shouldn’t hold back their orgasm or climax. I’d rather have a guy who moans or grunts or….SOMETHING rather than a guy who is completely quite and calm during his climax. Some guys make a whole event of their climax, grunting and coughing and cussing. That makes me think “Damn, he definitely enjoyed that!” Just like us screaming turns you on, you making some kind of noise insinuating that you’re enjoying it turn us on too. And the weak collapse at the end is priceless. Nothing like being completely drained of energy after a couple of hours of going at it.

Sex is like no other feeling in the world. It’s a high and a sensation that you can’t compare to anything else. And if you can’t fully let go and enjoy yourself, then what’s the point? It will never be completely fulfilling until you can learn what makes your body tremble and yearn for more, and until you can let go of all the thoughts and doubts in your mind and just fuck and enjoy it. As adults, we don’t have alot of time where we’re not thinking or stressing about one thing or another. Sex is one of the few experiences where we should be able to relax and let our body take over instead of our mind. So next time you’re getting your freak on, moan, scream, whisper dirty things in your partner’s ear and I promise you it’ll be the best sex you’ve ever had.