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POF Pictures

This is dedicated to all the weird profile pictures I see daily on Plenty of Fish. I mean,why guys? Why?! Keep your dead catch, booze, and shirtless torso to yourself. We don’t wanna see it in your profile pic. Or in any pic for that matter…


This is not 2013 B.C. We don’t need your dead deer pics to prove your manly worthiness. I prefer my meat cooked and on a plate, not drenched in blood and getting held by its horns.


This was his PROFILE pic. This was his ONLY pic. Why!?


Okay…profile pic. Can’t see your face. You look like you’re 12. and I get the “samurai look,” but was the ripped shirt really necessary? I guess if I ever needed a 12 yr old Samurai, I’d know where to look.


Profile pic. The ONLY pic. I guess if I ever have a booze shortage, I know who to go to. Also, how would I know if you’re the right or left guy? Not that it would really matter.

And might I add, his headline was “Chase here really bout monii know games”

Omg, your grammar kills! Nice to know you’re “bout monii”…..what the hell is monii?! I don’t think I’ve heard that one before. And remember, know games. Because someone who is “bout monii” clearly is about know games. I rest my case. 

I saved the best for last….or the worst for last?


This is either terribly photoshopped or sadly a reality. Where is your neck?…and aside from the neck-less pic, this was his profile pic and, again, his ONLY pic. 

Also, I’d like to share with you his ” About Me” section, because his picture was not the only thing wrong with this guy:

I’m not on here to hook up, so don’t even try. (No worries there. We won’t.) I don’t play no games either!!! (Ooo, three exclamation points. He must be serious about playing “no games.” At least he doesn’t “know games” like Chase.) So if you like to play games (other than elder scrolls series) Don’t bother!! I am on here with every intention to take babes to the boneyard. (I don’t think any babes will be going to the boneyard with you tonight.) I’m a total gym rat, if you couldn’t tell by the steamy pic. (Steamy? I guess that’s one way to put it…) If that bothers you then step aside and let me do what God put me on this earth to do, twerk. ( God…please don’t ever let this man twerk.) I also focus on strengthening and toning my neck. (Ahh, there it is. That explains it. Except…you seem to be missing the neck part.) The abs,those are included in the package. (I guess the neck didn’t fit in the package.) I have a down-blouse photo upon request. Boobs. (Nice touch at the end there. Real mature. I’m sure that’ll get the ladies swarming all over you.)

That’s all from my daily dose of POF tonight. And FYI guys, shirtless pics SCREAM douchebag! Don’t do it. If a girl wants to see you shirtless, she’ll let you know.